Real Estate and Foreclosure Alternatives

Buying or Selling Real Estate Attorneys

Real estate transactions should be easy—after all, everyone wants the same thing, for the sale to close. But complications and conflicts can arise, as as your real estate attorney, I can help make everything go smoothly.

If you’re buying your first home, it’s good to have someone on your side who is experienced, calm, and a good listener. I can help you through the application process and help wade through the large volume of complicated and often confusing documents at closing.
If you’re selling, you want the sale to close—no delay, no drama. I’ll keep in close touch with the buyer’s representatives, and help you keep tabs on survey, title, taxes and all the other details. My goal is yours: to have a quick, smooth closing.

Short Sale Lawyers

A short sale is a way to sell real estate—your home or an investment or vacation property—for less than the amount due on the mortgage (or mortgages). The goal is to pay the mortgage lender the value of the property and have the lender forgive the shortfall. It is entirely voluntary with the mortgage lender(s). Generally the lender requires you to have a contract for the sale before formally considering the short sale. However, it’s best to start the process with the lender before you have a buyer, so that you can get to a sale as quickly as possible. The lender’s review process can take months, and can be very frustrating. We can help with all the steps fo the short sale process, from negotiating with the lender, to finding you a realtor, to closing the sale. Don’t try to do it yourself; have a skilled real estate attorney with years of experience in real estate, bankruptcy, and foreclosure to help you.

Deed In Lieu of Attorneys

A deed in lieu of foreclosure is a transfer directly to the mortgage lender in lieu of, or instead of, foreclosure. The benefit to the lender is that it gets the property right away, without the delay of the foreclosure process, which can take over a year. In exchange, the lender should forgive the debt that remains over and above the value of the property. However, the deed in lieu process can take several months. The lender requires a large volume of financial documentation from you, and with changing loan personnel and lost documents, it can be a frustrating process. We have negotiated numerous deed in lieu arrangements and can help you understand and deal with all the twists and turns.

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