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i-random3If you are an attorney who is representing a corporate or commercial client in need of bankruptcy law representation, I can work with your firm to provide the guidance and legal knowledge in this highly nuanced area of law.

My name is David P. Lloyd, and I have been representing individuals, businesses and bankruptcy trustees as a La Grange bankruptcy fraud attorney for decades. I have worked on bankruptcy cases from every angle, and, in many cases, am the attorney who other attorneys turn to for bankruptcy-specific representation for their clients. This area of law is my focus, which has helped me provide cost-effective, economical representation to the businesses I represent.

To make sure that your clients get the best protection possible in corporate and commercial litigation matters related to bankruptcy and bankruptcy fraud, contact my office. I practice in the U.S. District and bankruptcy courts for the Northern District of Illinois, and can provide experienced and skillful counsel within the following areas:

  1. Defense of preference:
  2. If a creditor received money from a debtor within a certain time frame prior to the debtor filing for bankruptcy, it may be viewed as an unfair advantage or preference to that creditor. In these cases, the debtor will need a bankruptcy-specific attorney to defend him or her against such litigation.

  3. Fraudulent conveyance:
  4. If an individual or business anticipates filing for bankruptcy, he or she may attempt to save property or financial assets by transferring them to an outside entity. If the transfer was done at less than a fair price for the asset, it may be viewed as a fraudulent or hidden assets case, and litigation could be brought against him or her.

  5. Accounts payable litigation in bankruptcy cases:
  6. If a company has been forced into bankruptcy because its customers are not paying, then litigation could be brought into the case. If this happens in conjunction with bankruptcy, then having a bankruptcy-specific attorney to work on the case can make a big difference.

  7. Discharge and dischargeability actions in bankruptcy:
  8. Any case of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, conversation or concealment of assets within bankruptcy matters can necessitate the services of a bankruptcy attorney for business and commercial clients.

  9. Bankruptcy proofs of claim and reaffirmations:
  10. If a creditor is pursuing repossession, eviction or other methods of debt payment, and is then given a notice that the debtor has filed bankruptcy, it may be necessary to get reaffirmation of the debt. In these cases, the loan is reaffirmed/promised again so that the creditor is given more assurance on the payment of the debt.

  11. Modification of automatic stay:
  12. If a creditor is pursuing the collateral for a loan (i.e., foreclosure or repossession) but all actions were halted due to an automatic stay caused by bankruptcy, that creditor could file a motion to modify the automatic stay and open up the opportunity to go after the collateral.

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