Garnishments And Wage Deductions

Garnishments And Wage DeductionsIf you have missed payments on credit cards, mortgages, medical bills, auto loans, personal loans or any other kind of debt, creditors are likely to contact you, trying to get you to pay. The problem is, that even when you have every intention of paying your debts, life gets in the way. Divorces, unemployment, injuries and other issues present barriers to taking care of the debts you have entered into in good faith.

At that point, creditors may file a lawsuit against you, and try to get judgments that allow them to garnish your wages or repossess your property. As a La Grange wage garnishment attorney serving individuals throughout Illinois, I have helped put an immediate end to this kind of creditor behavior on behalf of my clients. By filing for bankruptcy, creditor harassment, repossession actions, foreclosure actions, wage garnishment and property garnishment are halted, and all creditor correspondence goes through me, your attorney.

What Is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment or wage deductions happen when a creditor has obtained a judgment against you in debt collection issues, and has been given a claim to your income to repay your debts. This means that before you receive a paycheck, if you are employed, that money or a portion of that money will go directly to your creditor.

As you can imagine, this type of action makes it virtually impossible for any debtor to overcome financial hardship. Before it gets to this point, make sure to speak with an attorney, especially if you believe you may be sued by a creditor. Rather than losing everything, a bankruptcy attorney can help you find solutions that give you a fresh start.

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