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i_random2Before speaking with a lawyer about their options for debt relief, people often assume the worst about their options for keeping their personal or business property. Many fear individual creditors coming after them — to seize a car, equipment, even their home — but at the same time, they might also assume that by filing for bankruptcy protection they will be subjecting their assets to repossession. It can seem like a lose-lose situation.

In reality, bankruptcy proceedings can allow people to retain possession of many of their most important assets. An important point to note about bankruptcy is that once it has been filed, creditors are prevented from going after property until the proceeding has been finalized by a bankruptcy trustee. This means that those who seek bankruptcy protection will obtain immediate relief from the fear of having creditors come after them. This sets them up for the longer-term financial relief that comes from having debts discharged or reorganized through bankruptcy, and which often allows them to keep important property once the process is complete.

Stopping Vehicle And Other Property Repossession In Cook County And Will County

As experienced Illinois bankruptcy attorneys, we know that the fear of repossession is something that can affect anyone with significant debt. Whether you worry about losing your essential form of personal transportation or other property, or about having business equipment seized, we understand that the fear of losing often keeps people from inquiring about options for debt relief — even when creditors threaten to come knocking at the door. Having helped individuals and businesses throughout the state achieve lasting debt relief, however, we encourage you to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to retain the greatest chances of keeping important property.

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