For New Clients

Free Consultation: I am happy to share a free consultation with new clients. This will involve a conversation, by phone or in person, with a basic description of bankruptcy and the different types of bankruptcy available, a general discussion of your financial situation, and a review of whether some form of bankruptcy is an option for you. This can take 15 minutes or a half hour or so. At some point I have to earn my living, so once I begin giving actual legal advice and analyzing the specifics of your property, your debts, your income and expenses, I will advise you that I will begin charging for my services.

What is Credit Counseling? There are a number of companies and agencies that can give you advice about credit and budgeting. But federal law requires that, if you are going to file bankruptcy, you receive a two-part credit counseling session from a non-profit agency approved by a branch of the government. The first part must be taken before you file bankruptcy; it is a counseling session to help you determine whether there may be options to filing bankruptcy. It must be done, and we must file a certificate from the credit counseling agency, in order to file the bankruptcy case. The second part of the credit counseling process takes place after the case is filed. This session is, essentially, a quiz or a test on debt and handling credit. Don’t worry; it’s designed for everyone to pass. This second part must be completed in order for the bankruptcy case to be completed successfully.

There are a large number of approved credit counseling agencies, and we have no connection with any of them. Our clients have been very happy with the agency called GreenPath, and their website is The list of all approved agencies for the Northern District of Illinois is at the United States Trustee’s website:

Some of my clients have found the credit counseling process very helpful in managing their finances, and some have found the information already very familiar. Either way, everyone filing bankruptcy must go through the credit counseling process. There is a modest charge for credit counseling, and you can pay directly, or I can arrange to collect the cost from you and pay the credit counseling agency on your behalf.

PRINTABLE FORM – David P. Lloyd Client Intake Form

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To help prepare for our initial meeting, please provide the following information:

If you own a home, what is the value, in today’s market:

What is the payoff amount of all mortgages and equity loans on your home:

Are you current on your mortgage payments:

If not, how much would it take to bring the mortgage  payments current today:

Are you married/living with a domestic partner:

What is your approximate, average income; indicate whether the amount is gross (before taxes) or net (after taxes), and how often (weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, etc.) you are paid:

If your spouse or partner works, his/her income (gross or net, and how often)

How many children, and other family members who are dependent on you, live with you?

I recognize that these seemingly routine questions can have complicated answers. When we meet, we will go over all the details of these and other aspects of your financial situation.