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i-random3Too many hardworking Americans have been let down by our current health care system. All it takes is one trip to the hospital following an accident, or one diagnosis of a chronic medical condition, to inflict severe and long-term damage to someone’s financial outlook.

If you have accumulated significant debt to cover health care expenses for yourself or a close relative, you do not have to let the stress of worrying about creditors — or about being denied for future medical treatment — hamper what should be your and your family’s priority: a medical recovery. At the law offices of David P. Lloyd, Ltd., we have experienced attorneys whose sole practice is helping individuals in Illinois who need a compassionate legal guide to guide them through their options for debt relief. We believe that people should not have to confront financial peril in order to obtain important and often necessary medical care, which is why we help our clients use the legal resources available to them to rein in medical debt and take some of the stress out of financing important treatments and procedures.

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Possibly the greatest concern that my clients with substantial medical debts have is the possibility of being turned away for future medical care due to a perceived inability to pay. There are several ways to address this issue and ensure that you or your loved one will be able to obtain essential care now and in the future, including:

When you meet with us, we will be able to get a complete picture of your finances and ascertain the best method for helping you obtain debt relief. Whether we ultimately pursue a complete discharge of your debts or a debt reorganization, you will have confidence at every stage that you will emerge in a stronger financial position than you were before.

More than half of all bankruptcy filings in the U.S. are caused by medical-related debt. If you have unpaid medical bills, you are not alone; get the help you need now.

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