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Bankruptcy For Divorce & Personal Injury Attorneys

Garnishments And Wage DeductionsFamily law, divorce and personal injury cases can not only bring about bankruptcy, but they can also arise due to financial hardship. If you are an attorney representing individuals and families in divorce and personal injury cases, and your client is facing bankruptcy-related issues, I can step in to provide guidance as a La Grange bankruptcy and divorce lawyer.

My name is David P. Lloyd, and I have been a bankruptcy attorney for decades, helping individuals, businesses, bankruptcy trustees and fellow attorneys handle bankruptcy matters across Illinois. I know what to look for in the issues that matter to your clients, and can provide cost-effective representation in this complex area of law. You want your clients to get the best representation possible, so I welcome you to contact my office for the help they need.

I have litigated many cases in bankruptcy for divorce and personal injury matters, and can bring my skill to the table in the following areas:

  • Dischargeability of domestic support payments, property settlements, and attorneys’ fees
  • Dischargeability of tort claims, including personal injury, fraud and conversion
  • Modification of automatic stay to pursue insurance proceeds
  • Review and preparation of settlement agreements to optimize your client’s rights in subsequent bankruptcy cases
  • Consultation on bankruptcy issues for non-bankruptcy attorneys

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Plant the seed today for a fresh start tomorrow. By scheduling a free consultation with David P. Lloyd, Ltd., online or by telephone at 708-937-1264, you can work directly with an Illinois lawyer who knows bankruptcy and how it can unearth new potential. There is no need to hesitate in getting information that addresses your unique needs. I look forward to hearing from you.