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i-random3Trying to run a successful business only gets harder when you face the prospect of dealing with the IRS over unpaid taxes. Combined with other looming debts, it is easy to feel like all the hard work — the blood, sweat and tears — you have put into building a successful enterprise has been for naught.

As a law firm that practices exclusively in the area of bankruptcy, we have the utmost respect for risk-takers who start and run Illinois’s businesses. Our experienced attorneys have worked with many businesses owners who, despite having a fundamentally sound business plan and startup, were caught completely off-guard by the recent economic downturn. Many initially felt that there was little hope to right their ship in the face of mounting tax and other business debts. After seeking our counsel, however, they realized that there are options to help turn things around. We are here to help guide you back to the path of financial success.

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La Grange Business Tax Debt Lawyers

There are many questions you may have about your options for reorganizing or even discharging your existing tax liabilities. What those options are will depend on the extent of your business debt, the current health of your enterprise, and what your long-term business goals are. While we will be able to ascertain the best way to proceed in your specific case when we meet with you, what we can tell you now is that while all debts should be taken seriously, there is no need to fear the IRS. Whether we ultimately help you pursue a Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they will be treated like any other creditor, and we will seek every opportunity to have your tax debts reorganized or discharged.

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