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Personal BankruptcyBankruptcy does not have to be a sign of defeat. If you have been struggling with the pressures of debt — whether caused by back taxes, credit card bills or medical costs — you might think that bankruptcy is only going to make things worse. Many of the clients we work with are initially skeptical about what bankruptcy can do for them, or believe that the cost of pursuing bankruptcy outweighs the effort.

Once clients speak with our experienced attorneys, however, they see that bankruptcy is actually a way to lay the groundwork for a much stronger — and more confident — financial future. We are a local firm — our office is in La Grange — helping hardworking people in Illinois, including people from Hodgkins, Countryside, Lyons and Stickney. We believe that our neighbors and local business owners deserve a dedicated helping hand to guide them through the bankruptcy process.

If you are considering bankruptcy relief, you deserve a lawyer who can appreciate your unique situation and provide direct, no-nonsense legal advice. We are good at removing the emotion from what can be an emotional process, and we will guide you from stress to hope.

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Our office is in La Grange, on South La Grange Road just south of 47th Street. We encourage you to meet with us so that we can carefully assess the state of your finances and determine whether you are a good candidate for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you have questions about repossession, the effects of bankruptcy on a home foreclosure or any other aspect of the process, we will be able to answer your questions and dispel the myths that prevent too many people from obtaining the help they need.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.